Treating others as I want to be treated is at the core of everything I do. I have dedicated 25+ years focusing on quality processes and engaging customer service which has expanded my own development, both in knowledge gain and building long term relationships.

The most important part of what I do is focus on YOU and your needs. I love helping others and as a Mortgage Loan Originator, am able to do so daily and will guide you only with your best interest in mind.

Away from the office, as an Arizona native, I enjoy spending time outdoors and during the summer months anywhere near water with my family and friends. Alongside my husband, I am also an enthusiastic supporter of both Lacrosse and Football cheering on our two high schoolers. Our oldest is now a senior in college, so I truly cherish these moments as the time goes by way too fast. I do look forward to the occasional downtime but haven’t been able to master locating that one just yet!